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Author: Emily from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

This product is very good i have heard many people having bad times with this so i decided to use it and its one of the best i have used 100% increased my sexual relationship.

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Author: Monica from Belgium

I wanted female enhancement pills to bring smth new into my sexual life, but until now I don't see any changes after taking them

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Author: Maria from Romania

I will try these pills for my libido!

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Author: Eliza from Suomi

500cosmetics pills are awesome in increasing female libido, I noticed results after the first pack

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Author: Samantha T. from Florida

I don’t know how long this takes to work but I have been on it for a few weeks now and have not noticed anything different. No energy changes, no libido, no nothing. I will give it another few weeks.

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Author: Casey Adams from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

This one wasn’t for me. I got a really bad stomach ache a few hours after taking it every time. Hard to be in the mood for anything when you feel like you can’t even keep food down! I will find something better and more natural.

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Author: Shannon from Pennsylvanian

Can this be taken with other daily vitamins? I take D3, Vitamin C, and a B Complex every day and I don’t want my levels to be thrown off by adding in another supplement.

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Author: Tina Thomson from United States

I have spent a lot of money on supplements over the years, especially hormone-related ones but this is the first one to make a difference for me. I just hope it lasts!!

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Author: Brian Davis from N/A

My girlfriend has a hard time keeping her hormones balanced and I wanted to get her a supplement to help get her in the mood for sex again. This didn’t seem to do much of anything at all I am afraid.

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Author: Vanessa K. from Seattle

I don’t want to get my hopes up but I noticed a difference after the first few days. I really was feeling the "urge" for sex which has not been something I have felt since before the birth of my twins back in 2014!!

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Author: Kelly Ridel from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

Does anyone know if this ever goes on sale? I would like to find it on a better deal so I can give it a good 6 months. I just can’t afford to spend that much right now.

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Author: Rene from US

I never thought I would be someone who needed a pill to get me in the mood. Once I hit 50, I just had no sex drive. I have been looking at different options and decided to give these a try and I noticed the difference right away. It wasn’t much but it was enough for me.

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Author: Tammy P. from L.A., California

I have tried several libido boosters but have not found one that works for me. This is no different. I think I am going to give up and just focus on better nutrition like my doctor suggested!

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Author: Candice Mitchell from Canada

At first, I felt great taking 500Cosmetics but after a month or so, the effects seemed to have worn off. I don’t feel any different anymore. Maybe my body got used to it. Did this happen to anyone else?

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Author: Sara M from Texas

Because of the stress from this year, I was struggling with depression and general bouts of anxiety. I have hardly been in the mood for much of anything and I know my husband noticed, he just doesn’t want to say anything. I thought I would give a libido booster a try. Read good things about this one. I have not noticed any changes yet.

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Author: Amber from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

Does anyone know if there are any major side-effects with this supplement? I have never taken a female enhancement pill before but I want to try something that is safe and free of side-effects.

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Author: Laura Reed from USA

I don’t know about this stuff. I got pretty bad stomach aches after taking it a few days that lasted almost 10 days, even after I stopped taking the supplements. My friend said it was probably just a stomach bug but I am not taking any risks.

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Author: Lucas Smith from Michigan

I got 500Cosmetics for my wife and I noticed a difference faster than she did. It helped her "get in the mood" a lot easier and she said she is even sleeping better because of it. I am happy about the changes and so is she!

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Author: Deb from California

I didn’t notice much of a difference. Maybe it is my age or maybe it is down to me having specific hormonal issues? Not sure.

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Author: Debora from Orlean

This is not female enhancement product I've been looking for. I'm gonna try something else

Author: Faye from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

There excellent i don't see what your experiencing one of the best i have experienced my sex life is back on track.

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Author: mila from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

not bad but you have to take these pills again and again to keep results

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Author: Anonymous from Canada

There was a tingly, warm sensation that totally heightened my sexual experience.

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Author: beauty from 500Cosmetics Woman forum

Thanks to 500-pills our relationship has hit new highs and our love life is no longer dull.

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Author: Big Girl from Canada

I just tried these libido pills and noticed some changes. Will let you know later.

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Author: Anonymous from New York NY

Is it a hormonal product? What about side effects? Does it change your hormone level?

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