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Author: Tiff C. from Maine, USA

I feel like this has helped give me more energy and also sleep better. As far as the libido goes, I noticed a difference by day 4. After having been on it a few weeks, I am in the mood for sex several times a week again. It is great!!

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Author: Hillary H from NYC

I started taking Feminil hoping to put me back in a playful mood. I have been going on dates and not wanting to go into the bedroom at all. This helped me quite a bit. I was on a date last week and I was excited to be in his bed!

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Author: Anonymous from Ireland

Side effects:high temperature 🤒

Author: Missy N from Feminil forum

I was wondering if anyone else got this! My doctor told me it was likely hot flashes not a fever because of my age. Well if my libido wasn't dead already, it is now!

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Author: Anonymous from Angola

i think the product does not work

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Author: John from Feminil forum

My girlfriend gave birth to our son 7 months ago. We haven't once had sex since. She says she is never in the mood. Can something like this help her? I really want our spark back.

Author: Will from Las Vegas. Nevada

It worked for me and my wife. She gave birth to out two twin sons and seemingly lost her desire for sex all together. She wanted to be close to me but nothing would make it feel good for her. We tried Feminil and WOW! I have my wife back and then some. It is like she is in her mid 20's again and she is 37!

Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

This happened to me. I am so embarrassed about it and worried my husband will leave me over it. We have not had sex in almost 2 years!! I try but I just can't do anything about it. I am going to give Feminil a try. I hope it saves my marriage.

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Author: Greg from Feminil forum

My wife's libido has dropped since the birth of our twin sons. I am in my late 40's and she is in her late 30's. I would like for her to take something like this but I know she wont unless it is 100% safe. Are there any side effects?

Author: Becks from Feminil forum

I have been taking Feminil for about 5 weeks now and have not noticed any myself. I think it depends on her body though. I have heard of stomach issues being a side-effect as well as mild head aches.

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Author: Johnathan from CA

I bought this for my girlfriend. Will she like it? Will I like it too??

Author: Heather from Feminil forum


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Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

I have been taking Feminil for about 2 months now, it totally works. I love being able to have amazing sex again.

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Author: Ruth from Ontario

I discovered Feminil 2 months ago and my sexual life changed forever! I love my husband again and again! I even see him more attractive than ever! Thanks Feminil pills!!!

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Author: Anonymous from Aguadilla, PR

After having my two kids, my libido had dropped a lot, but thanks to Feminil I've got it back.

Author: Anonymous from Guaynabo

Hi, Were you buy this product in PR?

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Author: Lacey from Jonesboro, AR

Good libido pills for every woman.

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Author: Little Kathy from MI

incredible! sex is again the most pleasant physical act ever since I use feminil!

Author: Sarah Rhodes from USA

Hey, how long before you noticed the difference? I have been taking it for almost a month and still nothing. I am started to get upset.

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Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

I have been taking Feminil for 4 months now and I cannot say it's a really revolutionary product.

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Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

Feminil is delivered from Europe, it took almost one week. Bad.

Author: Amber M. from CA

One week is not very long at all. I have ordered items from the US and it has taken 2+ weeks to get to CA and I am right above the country!

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Author: Maria Gonzalez from Mexico

Mi boy friend is even more excited than me about Feminil!

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Author: Julie Queen from NY

With Feminil, sex has a new meaning for me. I am not afraid to date anymore.

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Author: Esther from US

No,it's bad! Don't buy it!

Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

I would like to know what is bad about it. Did you experience side effects? I have been taking them for a week and haven't noticed anything yet. Please let us know!

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Author: Anonymous from Feminil forum

Will it help after childbirth?

Author: Penny from Feminil forum

My sister tried this months ago after she gave birth and swears it worked for her. She only took it a few months and stopped, saying she didn't need it anymore. I am not sure if everyone is the same, but you can always give it a try. :)

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Author: Rosa Bailey from Santa Barbara

I have never had any problems with my libido, in fact, I am a woman with a healthy sex drive and my boyfriend thinks so too. But then I thought I could try something else to improve my sex drive. So I decided to try this product and I am really delighted with the results I have obtained and my boyfriend loves it too.

Author: Sarah from Feminil forum

WOW! Really? I was going for something for the same reason. My sex drive is still alive and well but I want more intense orgasms. This is great news! I am 34. Can something like this increase my sexual climax!?

Author: Tina from SC

Yes they can. These kinds of supplements are great for any age because they work with your body and your own hormones. If you are younger or older, no matter. It will make a difference!

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