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Femin Plus scores 3.9 out of 5, based on 51 reviews in our Femin Plus forum.

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Author: Anonymous from Femin Plus forum

Can this be taken with a woman's 50 and older daily vitamin without it interfering with anything?

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Author: Erin Camble from Delaware

Femin Plus is never in any stores around here. Is this only available online?

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Author: Laura from Femin Plus forum

Thanks to Femin Plus, I have finally discovered my femininity. Now I can make love without problems, and get all the best from sex. I recommend it to every woman!

Author: Candice B. from Femin Plus forum

Did you notice a change right away? I would love to buy some and see results in time for my husband and I's vacation.

Author: Laura from Femin Plus forum

YES! It only took a few days and I could feel my feminine energy flowing. My partner commented on how I was glowing as well!

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Author: Suzanne O. from Nevada

I am currently using birth control to help level my hormones. Is this okay to be on while taking Femin Plus?

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Author: Carrie Hodges from Chicago

I have been taking Femin Plus for 2 weeks and have not noticed any changes. Does this mean it will not work for me or does it take longer?

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Author: Dawn R. from Femin Plus forum

Are there any specific diet recommendations while taking Femin Plus? I can't seem to find any information on this!

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Author: Jane Carpel from Indiana

Do you have to take Femin Plus longterm to keep up the results or can they be discontinued after the results are achieved?

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Author: Gloria from USA

I am planning a trip with my husband early in January. If I start taking them now (December) will I be able to notice the results by then?

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Author: Amy Brooks from Washington

Can someone tell me what the common side effects of Femin PLus are? I can't take anything that will make my sick to my stomach.

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