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Author: Wendy from Montana

Femvigor is very hit and miss for me. It started out okay, but maybe I just got used to them? I really don't feel much improvement any more. I'll have a break from them and try again soon.

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Author: Dom from Alabama

My wife has been taking these for some time now, and they have really improved our sex life! No bad side effects for her is a really big plus as well. Recommended!

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Author: Anonymous from Southaven MS

No improvement in sex with hubby.

Author: Liza from Washington

How long have you been using them for? Give them a chance to work! Also, try mixing things up in the bedroom. Be adventurous. Maybe libido isn't the only issue.

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Author: Anonymous from JFK

This product addressed several of my libido concerns actually.

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Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

I have heard good and bad reviews forget the bad reviews this is good i would recommend FemVigor.

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Author: Berta from Ireland

Shipping wasn't too bad. It was definitely worth it in the long run, about 2 months later now, I am very very satisfied.

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Author: Julia from America

I too had this product recommended by my gynecologist. Thank goodness I did! He knows the good products

Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

I know its brilliant :)

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Author: Max from FemVigor Forum

I could not believe it but yes, this product does improve female libido! My wife is happy and our sex life is intense like never before!

Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

Is it suitable only for women?

Author: Max from FemVigor Forum

Yes, since it is female enhancement pills, they are only for women. Men should look for male libido enhancement.

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Author: Anonymous from Greece

Yes, it's real and yes, Femvigor works!!!

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Author: Mrs Martinez from ND

Is it real?

Author: Beccy from FemVigor Forum

Its real and its good the bad reviews say nothing this is one of the best of its type i have used !!!

Author: Hayley from New York

Yep, it is indeed real! Reviews are overall very positive and the negative reviews really don't give any reasons. I think they tried it once and gave up! You must be consistent.

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Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

Yes, I visited a gynecologist who recommended Femvigor. My life has changed since then.

Author: Nina from Oregon

My gynecologist recommended these and a few others to me as well. I took the chance to look up reviews and potential negatives of each before choosing. Femvigor was the right choice for me, no side effects at all and an extra happy partner!

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Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

As I aged, I never considered the changes that would follow my menopause. I am 55 and the last five years of my life have actually been tormenting. Do you think Fem Vigor can help men? Please HELP!!!

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Author: Kara Jones from FemVigor Forum

It is Kara Jones again and I am happy to let you girls know that these pills are amazing and they work!

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Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

began using femvigor. need more libido.

Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

Has it worked?

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Author: Ma from Orlando, FL

Femvigor has successfully done its work.

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Author: J.Thomas from Richland-Kennewick-Pasco

I experience multiple orgasms since I started taking femvigor and I love it.

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Author: Anonymous from FemVigor Forum

Do not try them, it is a scam product

Author: Anonymous from Memphis

Yes I agree its a scam product. Its false promises that preys on women just like the bust growth pills or extenze pills for men.

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Author: Kara Jones from FemVigor Forum

I had tried all measures to increase the flexibility of my vaginal lining but in fact they proved to be of short-term only. I will try Fem Vigor Pills and I hope they can help me.

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