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Author: Casey from Utah

I grew up only believing in natural solutions. I never wanted to rely on prescriptions to make me feel better. I find that HerSolution works for me really well. My husband has noted that I am more into the moment than I had ever been.

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Author: Rifle from Home

Hersolution Gel VS Vigorelle Which product can feel excitement and orgasm?

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Author: Anonymous from New York

Hi I was wondering if anyone here can help. I've been on antidepressants for over 2yrs, and my libido is gone. I feel like the best yrs of my life are slipping by due to my depression meds. I was wondering if anyone here perhaps is going threw the same problem, and if there is indeed something out there that really helps to increase my libido. Please help 😕

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Author: Heather Gray from Texas

Would this be safe to use during pregnancy? I am early (2 months) on and would like to be more in the mood for my husband. Anyone know?

Author: Jess from HerSolution Gel Forum

I was wondering the same thing so I spoke with my doctor and he said it should be fine since it is a gel. He doesn't recommend taking any kind of pill though!

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Author: Tara from Jersey

Can this cause a rash of any kind? I mentioned this to my sister and she said I should be 100% sure before I try anything like this.

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Author: Ange from HerSolution Gel Forum

The gel is amazing my sex has improved amazingly ever since the feeling and how exciting it now is has improved :)

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Author: Angela from HerSolution Gel Forum

Its very good many bad and good reviews concerning this product but i have used it for months now and the pleasure is exciting it makes sexual intercourse so much better best i have used.

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Author: Maria from Colorado

The sensations are amazing when using this gel!!!

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Author: Mack from Ill

This gel is amazing. I love using it, it really enhances the things that I love during intercourse :_)

Author: Nichole from HerSolution Gel Forum

Are there any side effects that you have noticed? I get waxed down there regularly and I am worried that it will give me irritation if I use it too often.

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Author: LISA from HerSolution Gel Forum


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Author: Anonymous from HerSolution Gel Forum

I get so electrified when use it.

Author: Anonymous from HerSolution Gel Forum

Same with me :P

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Author: Kadalynn from Canada

This is excellent female enhancement product. using it, I have wonderful sex each time and always stay satisfied

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Author: Mai from HerSolution Gel Forum

It intensifies senses, but doesn't increase libido enough

Author: Carly from HerSolution Gel Forum

I have experienced this too. I am way way more sensitive but I still don't get in the mood as much as I would like. I used to be ready to go on a daily basis, now that I am in my 40's, it comes and goes... and goes. :/

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Author: Junny from USA

This female enhancement product helps me to get inimitable sensations each time.

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Author: Anonymous from HerSolution Gel Forum

Being 53 yo I dared to use it at last and never regret it! It works perfectly.

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Author: Marta from USA

I like gel more than pills, I consider it's more safe and can't be addictive

Author: Rennin from South Dakota

I noticed that I never get the same ill feelings I did when taking the pills. I would often end up with stomach aches and bouts of insomnia. This stuff is perfect for me!

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Author: Anonymous from HerSolution Gel Forum

I always felt uncomfortable at the beginning of sex and sometimes it even hurt when starting sex. Now this is gone, thanks to this gel!

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Author: Rimmel from France

HerSolution really works if you often use it

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Author: Love Affair from HerSolution Gel Forum

Never believed in such things but must admit that it works!

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Author: Anonymous from Minnesota

When I first ordered this female enhancement gel, I would never have admitted to anyone that I was using a "better orgasms" product. But once I found out how incredible it is, I actually got up the nerve to tell my friends. Now they've tried it, and I'm their hero for turning them on to it... their partners thank me too! This is a great product. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Author: Anonymous from HerSolution Gel Forum

My bestie keeps trying to get me to try this. I am in my late 20's but haven't been in the mood since I was 23! I just got into a new relationship and we are ready to take it to that level but I am still not "in the mood". I want to be!!! How long did it take to feel the results?

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Author: J from HerSolution Gel Forum

very wet and warm feelings ;)

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Author: Trisha from Las Vegas

Before trying HerSolution Gel, I thought multiple orgasms were a myth. Was I wrong -- now I come for so long seems it will never stop! I love it, and so does my boyfriend!

Author: Dianna from HerSolution Gel Forum

That is a thing? You are sure selling me on this! haha I have never had that happen once. I would get one if I was lucky. I guess I am hard to please. I would love to surprise my boyfriend for out 4 year anniversary. I am going to try it!

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Author: Karen from Texas

There are changes! I could never climax before. Now I can't believe I went through life NOT knowing how great I could feel.

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Author: L. from US

What are you girls talking about? I did not notice any changes.

Author: Kelly from Florida

How long were you using it? I noticed the first few times I tried it, I felt nothing at all but then it started to work. Maybe you need to give it a few more tries?

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Author: Anonymous from Washington D.C.

No doubt, Her Solution Gel has given me the best sex ever. It's like, wow! Why didn't I find out about this sooner?

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Author: Jane from HerSolution Gel Forum

this stuff has saved my marriage!

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